» Reference Projects – Lighting Design

» Reference Projects – Development


Reference Projects – Lighting Design

2018      Hotel Motto, Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects, Vienna (in progress)

2018      Apartment W, Vienna (in progress)

2017      Restoration laboratory, Albertina, Vienna

2017      Art gallery E&G, South Tirol / Italy

2017      Pilgrimage church in Mank, Lower Austria

2017      Fashion shop “Mina&Lola” – shop #2, Vienna

2017      House P, architecture office Najjar Najjar, Vienna (in progress)

2017      Public lighting, competition, 1st price, Vienna 5th district

2017      Hotel am Stephansplatz, architectural competition, 1st price for the atrium, architecture office DI Wolfgang Holzer, Vienna

2016      Office, Kalbeck company, Vienna

2016      Yoga studio “Yoga Loft”, Vienna

2016      Visualisation of a facade lighting design, Vienna

2016      Golf club, outdoor illumination, Lower Austria

2016      Fashion shop “Hod Couture”, architecture office Snøhetta, Innsbruck

2016      Fashion shop “Mina&Lola” – shop #1, Vienna

2016      Visualisations of hotel „Heureka“, Venice / Italy

2015      Furniture store “Möbel Depot”, Vienna



Reference Projects – Development

2018      Linear lighting system – product #2, MCI, Spain

2017      Wallwasher, MCI, Spain

2017      High-power LED spotlight for the film industry (in progress)

2017      Linear lighting system – product #1, MCI, Spain

2017      Architecturally integrated micro-downlight, Georg Bechter Licht, Vorarlberg

2016      Spotlight for film shootings with HID lamp, Kaczek Visuals

2016      Special orchestra luminaire (in progress)

2016      Filmstudio for sophisticated animation films, Salon Alpin, Lisbon

2015      Asymmetric luminaire for theatre and stage, LDDE, Vienna

2015      Design-integrated illumination for Carports, Vienna