Our services include…

» lighting design (artificial lighting) through all planning phases

» Daylight Planning

» Workstation-analysis

» Cost Assessments, Efficiency Analysis, Amortization Calculations

» Dimensioning Of Emergency Lighting Systems

» Lighting Control Systems And Light Management Systems

» Visualisation

» Workshops On Light-specific Subjects


Lighting Design (artificial lighting) Through All Planning Phases

We plan lighting and its control systems according to perception-based, customer-specific and normative guidelines. The results of the respective phase will be presented in corresponding documents per phase.

Detailed information for each planning phase can be found here.

Detailed information regarding presentation techniques can be found here.



Daylight Planning

One important factor in planning for us is to utilize sunlight in all its variety. The dynamic of daylight has a crucial impact on our circadian rhythm. The sun as a natural light source is one of the most important factors in regulating our hormonal balance. It also impacts our well-being in immeasurable ways. As we spend a major part of our lives inside buildings and exposed to artificial lighting, the impact of daylight is ever more valuable.

Detailed information to daylight-planning can be found here.



Workstation Analysis And Optimisation-Catalogues

We spend the majority of our lives at work places in buildings. Our tasks often include demanding tasks such as reading, writing, drawing or work in front of a computer. Depending on the task at hand, the lighting requirements vary. Adequate lighting can immensely benefit overall well-being and thereby boost performance. Emotional and physical problems can be avoided.


Cost Assessments, Efficiency Analysis, Amortization Calculations

When investing in lighting systems, we often ask ourselves at what point this investment actually is profitable. This point can be clearly determined with exact calculations and efficiency assessments. On the basis of these results, informed decisions can be made more easily and adapted to ones needs. For instance, when a new installation of lighting facitilies is being planned, we can also determine the break-even point and customer benefit.


Dimensioning Of Emergency Lighting Systems

The requirements for emergency lighting systems are regulated very clearly. The overarching term of “emergency lighting systems” has subcategories: standby lighting systems and security lighting. The former enables continuation of crucial duties, while security lighting ensures avoiding panic, orientation and that people can find safety facilities as well as fire fighting resources.


Lighting Control Systems & Light Management Systems

The installation of light control systems not only provides better control to the user (better adaption to his needs) but also bears inherent cost-saving potential for instance by dimming or automated functions (based on time or available daylight).
As light planners we define functionality based on user profiles, define switching and control groups, provide specifications and requirement profiles (automated processes, daylight-dependant control mechanisms, media facades, functionality of bus-systems) and counsel you when choosing the adequate control system for your particular needs.



Visualisation, meaning graphs of abstract solutions, are a key tool when working towards finding solutions with a customer. We provide images to our customers in order to explain ambiance effects and discuss these with the customer. This visualization – together with models and a mock-ups – enables us to develop a feeling for the ultimate visual appearance of the space beforehand.
With 2 and 3 dimensional graphics (renderings, montages, image manipulation) we can feature the desired ambiance and compare different scenarios.
We show sample visualisations right here.



We provide consulting to interior designers, architects and anyone interested in artificial and natural lighting. Our mission is to convey a basic understanding of technical and perception concepts. Topics such as the interplay of light and space and its influencing variables (surfaces and textures, spectral distribution of light sources…) are also paramount to the work of any architect or interior designer. Our workshops have a very practice-oriented focus, that we discuss and work to understand with our participants. Of course we are happy to take up any interesting topics raised by our customers as well.