Our technical competences cover…

» System Development

» Analysis, evaluation and optimization of existing lighting systems and installations

» Measurements and expert assessments

» Measurement of luminaires

» Software


System development

Conception & development of customized and architecturally integrated lighting systems (artificial lighting systems & daylight systems) based on state-of-the-art technology (LED, control systems, …) in cooperation with architects, manufacturers and other companies involved.

Specification of all necessary parameters (intention and goal of illumination, distribution, uniformity, color, color rendering index, efficiency, design, …) will be based on a feasibility study.

Market-research and use of available stock-components allow for cost-effective solutions. If necessary, we are also able to provide detailed optical engineering work such as reflector- and lens-design. Beside lighting technology, we always consider other important aspects such as thermal design, controls, installation and maintenance options.

At each development phase all design requirements will be closely coordinated with our client.

If necessary, we are able to establish a collaboration with specialized third party companies to support our customers until the last step.



Analysis, evaluation and optimization of existing lighting systems and installations

Lighting systems can often be made more efficient with a few simple adjustments. Evaluation and system optimization of luminaires and technical equipment form our core competence. The results of our work can offer the basis for improvement of technical performance data.



Measurements and technical expertise

It is not only a matter of taste but also technical parameters that determine choices. Measurements and technical assessments from an impartial source can offer credible estimates, especially to meet the regulations within legal frameworks. The measurement estimates we can provide shall help you make an informed decision.

Especially when the visual demands are high, (such as lighting at workstations that require near-perfect visibility, museums, streets or other infrastructure), it is crucial to not base this decision on a gut feeling. Baseline and approval measurements help the customer to monitor and evaluate his lighting projects.

Our methods include measurement of illuminance, luminance, light spectra and flickering as well as false colour luminance imaging. If necessary, we also offer a detailed analysis and interpretation of measurement results.



Measurement of luminaires

We measure luminaires by means of a photogoniometer. With this tool we can verify manufacturer data. The photogoniometric survey allows for measurement of an array of light technical data such as the luminaire’s luminous flux, light spectrum, luminaire efficiency, intensity distribution and photometric data. It can also measure flickering of luminaires interacting with control gear (important e.g. with regard to dimming LEDs with pulse width modulation / PWM).

We process and interpret measurement data according to current scientific standards.

With our Ulbricht sphere we are able to measure surface reflectance. If luminance contrast is particularly important, it is essential to know the characteristics of the surfaces you are dealing with.

Please find further information regarding our metrology here.




LITEstudio works with its own software to validate our path through our projects. We follow a step-by-step approach and manage to provide highly optimized processes with corresponding accuracy and timeliness also by programming ourselves.