Case Study And Basic Evaluation (Establishing the basis of the project)

• project launch by organizing a workshop or a meeting, evaluation of necessary services and desired objectives

• Collecting project-related information (economic and schedulewise basics, usage of the building/rooms, object surfaces, geometric characters, …)


Concept & preliminary design

• Analyse of project basics and determination of technical demands

• Conceptual presentation of appropriate approaches and ideas

• Estimated calculations

• Support in rough cost assessment, preliminary economic consideration

• Demands on light management, recommendations for switching groups (automated control, daylight-dependent control, (dis-)advantages of different systems available on the international market, …)


Final design

• Finalising the planning for all agreed areas

• Determination of all luminaires and lighting systems, definition of switching groups and lighting scenes

• Datasheets for all luminaires

• Simulation and approval of lighting design by using professional simulation software

• All positions of fixtures are shown in floor plans (CAD drawings)

• Comments on mounting- and maintenance-related issues

• Cost calculation


Detailed project design

• Execution plans with finalized planning and details for all agreed areas

• Dimensioning of all luminaires in groundplans

• Preparation of technical specifications as well as technical drawings for lighting systems

• Assignment of switching circuits to all fixtures


Invitations of tenders and preparation of awarding of contracts

• Quantity survey as basis for invitations to tender

• Preparation of task and technical specifications

• Preparation of tender and offer documents, preparation of invitations to tender


Participation in commissioning

• Examination and rating of offers

• Preparation of price-comparison lists

• Assistance in negotiations with tenderers and support with award proposals

• Support during commissioning


Construction supervision

• On-site Monitoring and coordination of execution

• Approval of executed services

• Determination of defects and monitoring of troubleshooting

• Auditing